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Full Version: Okay, the side bar articles on the Homepage
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There's some cool stuff that pops up there, but when you try to click it to read one (I was trying to read the one about the 20 weird deaths in history) it redirects you to some spam ad.
When you try to close it you get a 'HOLD ON!! Are you sure you want to leave this page?' banner drop down.

Instead of the options being 'Yes, I want to stay' or 'No I want to leave' it should be 'Sure, I'm an idiot' or 'Eat a dick and close the damn page'

Seriously, can you guys do anything about that?
The right bar is complete spam redirect.
werd to yo' mutha!
Those ads should take you directly to there is no hijack I just clicked on a bunch of them.
I've been getting the spam too. I mentioned it a while back, some where .
Same as John John, I get redirects etc. I tried opening the links in new windows and other things. They all end up getting redirected.
I really wanted to look at some of those articles.
Had the same issues
I rarely click the links because of the redirects.
Hold tight we are planning a site upgrade soon it is all about finding the time to get it done.
I also had this problem.
there are two different sets in the right sidebar. is the problem with the links with the large pic and the text to the right or the set of links that have pics side by side with text below?

I tried them all and got the correct link to the mgid page like Bruce did. Some of those are def ads, but they are obvious. Maybe it a browser or OS thing? For future reference, letting us know what briwser you are using does help out alot.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=357]I'm using Firefox or Seamonkey/Mozilla.
I'm wondering if it's only us outside the US, getting hooked some where.
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