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Full Version: Hot Potato?
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No - a hot deer!!!!

[Image: 628022753_1191945807.gif]

That caused a lot of damage.
More like a Deer repair bill.
Hope they at least got some meat out of it. It looked deer-licious!
It really got venisoned from the other car.
Oh, deer!

I'll have to buck the trend. I cannot fawn over these responses.

That looked like BAMbi.
I hope he got the point - there was no where to hide....

Kangaroos are just as bad, they never seem to use the crossings and in some places they have to be reminded how to hop.
[Image: kangaroo.jpg]
Someone ought to show Ace what could happen....

Naah - We'll wait for 'the' post... huge grin
[Image: 1358088404_richdiesslin_bambi.gif]