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Yesterday was the greatest. I cleaned up some fretboard blanks ready for my next projects. I fucked one with the plunge router, I think it already had a crack in it and the router bit removed a large chunk of wood containing some fret slots.

Then on my 37 fret fingerboard i cut way to close to the last slot:shifty:. I think when it comes time i will remove the tangs from that fret and just glue it in. I will need all the room i can get anyway so its not an issue.

I got body wings cut out for the 37 virtus mk2 ''all or nothing''. I just need to find a thicknesser now so i can trim down the fingerboards and body.
This thing will have to be my last extended range guitar before i go onto the next chapter.

Ahhhh i also had to widen the humbucker route on the charvel spectrum i have. Who ever originally convervted it to HSS didnt do a very good job. Luckily the mounting holes were right so i just screwed down the template and ran the router around in there. I also had to drill down for the humbucker feet/legs thingy. HAHA ok done.

Oh and the shinobi is going to be 28 fret now. AIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 27 is for fools.
Any questions for me? No? Ok fuck you then.
No pics?

(12-25-2014, 05:14 PM)lreese Wrote: [ -> ]No pics?


The damn phones usb is being a cunty.
OK, I'll bite. What pickup(s) are going in it?
Yeah really I have a hard time following anything without pics. Like half your guitars or build plans have more than 24 frets and I can't keep track of em all.

Come on raph help a brudda out
(12-25-2014, 09:16 PM)ExplorersRock Wrote: [ -> ]OK, I'll bite. What pickup(s) are going in it?

Well orginally it was going to be something super special. - Shadow eq5 with the ibanez neck simulator circuit. But i couldn't find anyone good enough to take on the diagram.

So now i am just going to use the simulator but with two hotrails. This of course may change again.

[Image: DSC07857.jpg]

A rough idea. Obviously all the parts are just resting together.
[Image: DSC07860.jpg]
The wings look like shit but i think once i clean them up their true beuty will show.

Spectrum, B-Jackson usa pickup/M-j2oor/ N-ultrasonic ref 1
[Image: DSC07863.jpg]

These lines might look a bit more at home too.
[Image: bodymod.jpg]
(12-26-2014, 01:10 AM)darthphineas Wrote: [ -> ]Dude. You really need to get Orpheo to throw you some lessons.

Fuck off ya dry turd
Raph you know we're bros at this point but....

Was that fret spacing inconsistency intentional or did you just screw that one up?
They'd be tone spacing instead of semi tones , wouldn't they ? Semi tones would probably be to small to play.
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