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Full Version: Man in penis costume must apologize
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NY man in penis costume must apologize, judge says

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. - A judge has ordered a 19-year-old man to write an apology to a the city of Saratoga Springs in New York for dressing in an offensive costume at a high school graduation.

Calvin Morett had pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct for dressing in a 1.8-metre penis costume at the graduation at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center. A video of his visit last month has appeared on YouTube.

The judge has also ordered Morett to pay to have the apology published in a local newspaper, pay court fees and perform 24 hours of community service.

YouTube video (Young Turks)

This is a different incident but it is much funnier.
ballsy graduation


what high school kid hasn't seen a penis?

so you don't have to see the bull-dyke in a tie:

[Image: penis_costume.jpg]
How did a kid wear that costume and not get stopped by someone before hitting the stage?

I always get intercepted when I get close to the stage when I'm wearing my giant vagina costume.
Why do it when you know you're going to pay for it later? I think it's a sign the kid isn't smart enough to graduate.
It would've been way funnier if he had tripped on his balls and fell off the stage and got impailed on a trombone. Ha ha, tromBONE. Ha ha...
he shoulda said it was for a sex-ed project