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Speng Wrote:Your'e going to Canada...what'd you lose a bet? :lol:

My wife wants to prove it exists. I thought it was like Neverland or Narnia.
I'm late, but happy birthday man!


Fel Wrote:I'm late

i remember hearing that once....... i'm sure i'll hear it again :lol:
Prog Wrote:Mrs. Prog and I are going to Canada next week for an overdue honeymoon.

Happy birthday, enjoy your honeymoon, be sure to dress correctly for a Canadian summer

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Originally Posted by Speng [Image: viewpost.gif]
Your'e going to Canada...what'd you lose a bet? :lol:

Prog Wrote:My wife wants to prove it exists. I thought it was like Neverland or Narnia.

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Prog, Canada is a holiday destination that does not require either pixie dust or magical wardrobes. It seems to be quite popular lately, due to the state of the U.S. dollar. This story appeared on Yahoo! News this morning.

[Image: thecanadianpress_story.jpg]
Visa survey shows Canada number one foreign destination for Americans

By Kristen A. Lee, The Associated Press
NEW YORK - The weak U.S. dollar has not dissuaded Americans from planning trips abroad this year, but they may be heading to destinations closer to home, according to a survey released Thursday by Visa Inc.

In mid-May, Visa surveyed 1,000 credit or debit card holders who live in the United States and have travelled outside the U.S. in the past three years. The phone survey, which was not limited to Visa holders, showed that Canada was the most popular international destination among respondents, followed closely by Mexico.

The rankings are similar to last year when, based on tourist spending on U.S.-issued Visa cards instead of a survey, Visa found that Canada was the top destination with $2.9 billion in spending, followed by Mexico, where cardholders spent $1.7 billion.

In the first quarter of 2008, U.S. Visa cardholders spent $3.4 billion visiting the top 25 tourist destinations abroad, compared with more than $15 billion in all of 2007. Mexico was the top first-quarter destination, followed by Canada, Great Britain, Puerto Rico and Germany.

Among the 50 per cent who said they plan to travel abroad within a year, Visa said, one in five are planning a high-cost trip. Among the other 50 per cent, who said they are not planning international travel, most cited high costs and the uncertain state of the U.S. economy. Nearly half plan to travel in the U.S. this year instead. Only 14 per cent said terrorism was a reason for staying in the U.S.

"If you had looked at this study three or four years ago, I think terrorism would have been higher and the cost of travel would have been lower (on the scale)," Wilke said.

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Happy birthday Johnny

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There's some greatness. Coincidently, I've been playing a lot of Ramones lately.
He a member here?
Happy Birthday to my other hero.

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He a member here?
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