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Hooch Wrote:My birthday is tomorrow, I don't know why it is coming up already. But.. thanks!

So now tomorrow is today. Have a good one.
Hapy Birthday Steve!
Happy Birthday to Bart Starr. The only Packers quarterback to win 2 Super Bowls!
Fucking Packers
Today was my daughter's birthday... at 12:40pm - 5lbs 1oz.

She was 10 - 13 days overdue depending on which due date you go by and everyone thought she was going to be a big baby because she was taking so long. So much for that theory at 5lbs. She seems to be perfect though.

We had a routine check-up at the hospital today at 7:30am, at 8:30 they say to my wife: "Your fluid is really low, let's go across the hall and get this baby out." At 12:40 she was here.
Congrats man where are the pictures.
Congrats Steve!


congrats dude!
3dR3 Wrote:congrats dude!

With Steve out of the office how drunk did you get at lunch?
Congrats Hooch. All the best to your whole family.
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