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Full Version: Birthdays
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Happy Birthday Tony! Wow, you're old!!!
Happy Birthday Tony!
Happy Birthday Jimi

[Image: hendrix.gif]


mmm purple haze
Prog Wrote:Me and Vin Diesel!!!!

You assholes can remember Vin Diesel but not me! Did Vin Diesel die for your sins? I think not. Next time you a-holes are shitfaced on your knees puking in a toilet don't ask me to make it stop. That goes for the flu also, it is H1N1 time. I hope you puke your balls up. Yes I am a vengeful god.
Man, Jesus is cranky.

Happy Birthday Jesus, we were all too busy celebrating your big day, sorry we forgot to actually say it.

Does this count as me going to church for the year?
I thought it was Santa's birthday
Sorry J. Happy Chanukkah!
Happy Birthday Hooch
Thanks. The Eagles almost ruined it for me.
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