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Full Version: Roland JC 120
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I am GASing for one again I think I am about to pull the trigger.
I guess it bears repeating:

Do. It.
It's a clean machine , don't you have Fender Quad ?
(02-22-2015, 07:11 AM)Oinkus Wrote: [ -> ]It's a clean machine , don't you have Fender Quad ?

Yep gut I get my direct from my pedals always have. The JC120 does have distortion but it was not useable in my metal days. I want something with more power but portable.
More power?

[img][Image: 15279601544_79ce515ea7.jpg][/img]

I know - a lot more $$... Still 180 watts total..

huge grin
I remember the JC 120 as weighing a ton ? The moron gear hoarder has a few of them in various states of disrepair. You can get them pretty cheap used and didn't they just make a new improved version of it too ? Not the same but less then half the price new Bunch on ebay
Ok it is happening. I am waiting for some cash to hit then bang I am pulling the trigger. The only thing now is I am debating the head or the combo.
If you have a nice 2x12 get the head , I think you need to upgrade the speakers in the combo for the best sound. The save money option is best !
So I guess we can close this thread...for now.

[Image: B-5ZycaUwAAVhm9.jpg]
That's an odd looking JC Bruce...
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