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Full Version: March Madness Pool
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The rules are simple the best bracket wins a prize pack. The prize vault is stuffed so I can guarantee a prize pack of mammoth proportions. We have recent releases of blu-rays, cds and a variety of other swag. The prize pack can only be shipped to US or Canadian members.

(and I've already lost...)


Thanks for allowing me to join the pool.
I enter this every year and I always amaze myself how poorly I do.

I was bored last year so I entered a March Madness pick'em on a local TV station's site. Somehow I won a free large pizza and a $25 Dave and Busters gift card, must have just been a random pick out of everyone who entered.
Should this thread be joined with the crazy Canuckian thread about hair freezing?

Oh, different definition of "pool".
Been doing this for about 40 years plus and now you can win prizes ! Was much more fun doing it with Pops, hand drawing our brackets and writing in pencil.I couldn't win if I had the winners beforehand.
Did everyone get their picks in?
(03-17-2015, 06:40 AM)Securb Wrote: [ -> ]Did everyone get their picks in?

I finally got around to making my picks. I look forward to coming in last place.
Not if I beat you to it!
I did one on yahoo and one on espn and came up with about the same results so I switched the winner in the second pool. I actually try and pick the better team which means I am going to get bounced out of the running quickly.Easy to just go with Kentucky , they could make 2 teams capable of winning this easily. They probably have the best 12 players in the country. UVA has strangling defense but it might not be enough to get it done.The whole point is that it is college KIDS playing and they are pretty reliable in the young and stupid department.
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