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Full Version: NCPD part 1
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They are here. Custom pups from Declan at Deacci.

[Image: tmp_11416-IMG_20150324_131452-1654241809...gle9xy.jpg]

Woot. I have some stuff to do first before I can install these. Bridge pickup is going straight into the Polaris.... just as soon as I finish installing a set of texas specials in my friend's strat and setting it up, then filing down and re-doing the fret ends on the Polaris. Then I gotta set it up too. Spring maintenance package, as 'twere.

The neck pickup is destined for the Showmaster, but I gotta hold off on that until the F-spaced bridge pup arrives.
Ooh, tasty! Nice packaging too. I can't wait to hear what you think of them.
didn't get to play yesterday. Long day at work.

Won't get to play today. long day at work and early start tomorrow.

If I'm lucky I might get to play a bit tomorrow evening and then probably not again until sunday.

That's some fancy packaging.