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Full Version: How does one "hit ya hallelujah"?
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Why is it the girls who need to hit their hallelujah?  Why won't uptown funk give it to ya if you don't hit it?  What happens when boys hit ya hallelujah?  

Is uptown funk sexist?


(What would Marvin do)
Transaltion ?
I'm not sure what the sodium content has to do with anything.

This is a #1 song reference, you old curmudgeon.

Quit interrupting my attempts at being a cranky old man.
[Image: stock-illustration-23565735-grumpy-old-man.jpg]
No insights? Help a brother out.
Some things aren't worth trying to understand.

Enjoy your golden years.
Get out of my yard ! And take yer damn ball with you !
"Cause I have 2 of my own to play with!" huge grin
Two weeks later and I still have no answers:(
Catchy tune.

Sounds like The Time.
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