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Full Version: Gear purge nearly complete; gear acquisition begins
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I finally sold the PRS, and I decided not to get a conversion neck for the ibanez. I emailed the company where I was going to order it and they said they had too many orders backed up.

So I'm keeping the Ibanez like it stands, maybe getting some JP knobs for it. I'm attempting to close a deal for a new OD (the Protone I mentioned), and I'm keeping my eyes out for a used PRS Mushok, because it's basically everything I need in a new guitar and everything I loved about my previous PRS.
Congrats! Great feeling, innit?

I'm down to one electric and one amp as we speak. That means I'm on the prowl for a new amp as it has been a long time.
Sounds like you're in for a fun acquisition period.

I teeter back and forth between selling my Mushok, because I never play it, but knowing it's there for me when I want to rip into some super chunky low-tuned riffs is always nice.

What price are you looking for one at? For the record, I got mine for like $300-$320, I honestly don't remember which. If for some reason I decide to sell mine before you find one, I'll sell it to you though. It would be a great excuse to finally get together and jam and shit
If it had good pickups and was in great condition (like 8.5/10) I'd pay up to $475.

Stock pickups I'd pay $400.

I got offered one that was somebody's refinishing project but the quality just wasn't there.
The deal for the Protone fell through, someone pounced on it like a half hour before I tried.
I've been wanting an extended range axe as well.

Other than the Musok, I haven't seen any other offerings.

Good luck on your search.
LTD makes the EC401B that's in a similar price range. They also have a superstrat variation. Schecter makes one too, but it has a tone pros bridge and I prefer the feel of the hipshot style.

There's just not a lot of any of them on the used market, and I pretty much don't buy new guitars anymore, because the resell value just isn't enough most of the time.
Hmm, I got mine for $320 with a JB/59 set already installed. It's got a few nicks on the neck and body from when my dog knocked it over, but I was thinking about fixing those.