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Full Version: On to greener pastures
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 I was playing my Pearly Gates loaded neck thru strat in AGCFAD and it sounded terrible. It sounds great in standard tuning, but I want a guitar that I can use for those tunings that can actually not sound like shit at high gain. So I decided to get a set of Titans for it.

Which got me thinking about some of my other guitars - mostly my PRS baritone and my 62 RI strat and how they might benefit from new pickups. I've not been thrilled with them, so I think I'm going to get a set of Titans for the PRS as well and something more vintage styled than the Strabro90 set that currently occupies my 62 RI. Bye Bye duncans (I'm sure that'll make at least one person here rather happy), it's time for new pickups.

Any suggestions for the strat? I'm really interested in Zhangbucker strat pickups, as the pickups he made for the D'avanzo are killer, but I'm open to suggestions (especially ones that wouldn't cost $300 for the set lol)

Oh and if anybody wants my Duncans I'd be happy to give you a super bro discount.
I finally bought a Mushok, dude. The guy ships tomorrow, I'm thinking I'm gonna get either Titans or D Activators. I love the latter in my Ibanez.
Nice! Did you get the silverburst one? That's the best color.

The Titans seem like a great pick for the Mushok.
Yeah, silverburst. I'm normally very skeptical about burst finishes on cheaper guitars but the pics I've seen of these made me a believer.
Mmmmm... Titans.

Now I want some new shit.
This thread needs silverburst pron

[Image: 137_zpse1ba8af2.jpg]
(05-10-2015, 05:44 PM)youngthrasher9 Wrote: [ -> ]

Make me proud, Dev.

That is so fly.
And overpriced
Yeah. :(
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