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Full Version: What color tread would you use?
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(05-12-2015, 06:57 PM)youngthrasher9 Wrote: [ -> ]I liked lreese's corkboard idea.

Its a fucking stupid idea! :32:  Actually its not bad. I did a cork handle on a bow i made and it turned out nice.

If you get a white tread, it'll look like Ric Flair was reincarnated in a wah wah pedal.

[Image: 09_Flair_Robe_zps1fvakkr8.jpg]
I'm just thinking the white won't stay clean.
Rick Flair doesn't care what you think, LITTLE BOY!
better idea.

get several colours and make a design out of the colours. Like an inlay pattern kinda thing. but with wah tread.
That's... actually a dope idea. Maybe I'd put "WAH" into it kind of like it is on the Vox wah tread.

Idea for my next wah - put a decal where the tread goes and cover it with clear little rubber feet, kinda like this. Yay or nay?

huge grin
Chartreuse green with pink polka dots.
(05-13-2015, 07:03 AM)lreese Wrote: [ -> ]Rainbow...

huge grin

Funny you say that, I'm actually thinking about something like the one on the right:

This is pretty cool - I contacted Joe Gagan about having him make me a unique treadle, as I think plain colors are a bit boring. He made this for me:


Pretty rad right?

I know the center and side pieces aren't level in the picture, but he's going to fix that for me as he didn't want to commit to that style because he had a few options in mind.
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