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Full Version: What color tread would you use?
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Black is boring. That's why I refinished my wah pedals in the first place. I want a nice color tread to go with this beautiful blue but I can't decide. I'm probably going to order a few colors, but I'm just curious - what would you pick if it was your decision? I'm leaving towards white.

[Image: 744999341a0d945df07e0d83069470fe.jpg]
it's really too bad they don't have orange.

That's what I'd pick. White would be runner up. And Yellow after that - which would be sweet if you had a Boss BD-2 on your board right after the wah.
[Image: RMC_x3.jpg]
The white does look good, but how long will it stay white? The black one on mine looks like it's gone through dust storm after just a few uses. Then again, it'll probably look good once it's all worn in a little.
Yeah I thought about that too. Worst case scenario, it looks terrible after a while and I take it off and put on the old black one. I'd like a bit of color down there though. Maybe the purple one would wear better...
Brown - 'Cause we all need that brown sound!

huge grin

Was thinking along the lines of a piece of cork - doesn't need to be anything fancy.
Blue on Blue maybe? Think the whole thing should be purple but that is just me.
(05-12-2015, 05:06 PM)Oinkus Wrote: [ -> ]Blue on Blue maybe? Think the whole thing should be purple but that is just me.

The tread isn't quite the right shade of blue and it would just bug me. As far as the purple goes, you may enjoy the 70's Thomas Organ wah I recently repainted:

[Image: IMAG0037_zpsmzgxy7ad.jpg]
I liked lreese's corkboard idea.
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