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Full Version: The Pedalmageddon Is Coming
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It's what you'll least expect.

I ditched the idea of the Protone OD, until further notice.

Despite that, the Pedalmageddon is upon us.
I expect info.
This will be good.

Did you buy it already or are you going to buy it soon?
I bought "them" already.

I have one more "the big one" (the one we talked about) still to buy. I'm waiting til payday to order it that way if some freak financial situation happens I'll still have plenty of cushion.

You won't be impressed, but damn, I bet I'll be happy.
If you're happy that's all that counts.

I like all pedals equally.

Well shit that's not true. I tried.

Let's just say most of what I ordered is in the "cheap yet awesome" line of things.

No guessing.

Because you fuckers will probably guess right.

But yeah, cheap, awesome, and not BOSS.
Danelectro?? Mooer/joyo? EHX?
Bad Monkey
(05-14-2015, 11:19 PM)LesStrat Wrote: [ -> ]Bad Monkey

I already own a bad monkey.
I'll give you one hint.

Green, blue, black, red.
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