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Full Version: I've got an addiction
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I picked these up for $25 today, and I got like $60 of new paints. The colorsound is for me but the wah baby (yeah it's an actual Jen Wah Baby shell) is going to youngthrasher. (We have too many people named Chris here.)

This is going to be fun.

[Image: 11225484_10205702669038465_1737511241_n_zps0ygdidmj.jpg]
[Image: 11256123_10205702669238470_1448381618_o_zpsqfubfc44.jpg]

Stoked bro!
what colours are you doing on these?
Chris's is going to be star spangled blue. For mine I'm doing Inca gold with metallic black racing strips for the bar and I'm thinking if making the top piece chrome like a vox but I'm not sure.
you could also just clearcoat the brushed steel. Sorta a more modern take on the Vox look.
That's actually a great idea. I got 120 grit dremel bands this time as the 60 grit ones left a lot of sanding marks that I couldn't get out, which should make for a better looking bare enclosure should I decide to go that route.
60 grit for paint removal, then 120 for surface prep prior to finishing.

You could go 220 and 320 after that for a nice smooth brushed look while still being rough enough for applying paint.
The last two I've done I went ask the way to 600 before painting. Would I get better results by dipping at 320?
eh, if the paint's adhering, then stick to what you're doing.

Speaking of which, are you using primer before the colour coat or are you just going colour coat onto the bare metal then clear?
Oh I'm definitely priming them. I might do it differently if I was doing solid colors but with metallics I don't want to see the nasty sanding marks. I didn't prime my pedalboard when I painted it and I wish I had. I may redo that properly someday.
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