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Full Version: Positive ground fuzz - edufy me
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What - Do you not want to be in with the cool kids?


Also Dev, the bonermaster fuzz uses an МП39Б (MP39B) in Q1 and a 1Т308В aka ГТ308В (1T308V aka GT308V) in Q2.

in soviet russia, pedal fuzzes you!
I'm pretty sure all the mini fuzz faces can take negative ground power. The trouble is finding one in a regular enclosure and/or with the tone and bias controls you're looking for.
fuck it. i''ll make do with the bias. the tone control was just so i could get it voiced smoother/tighter like the bonamassa fuzz is voiced anyway.

gonna give dunlop a call later.
The bonamassa mini is SO nice looking too
I don't pay much attention to what's out there, but isn't the Bonamassa relatively low gain? I had a Fulltone '69 that was not so fuzzy.

I've got an Analogman mod in a FF shell and MJM - both are pretty wooly.

The big box Fulltone 70 is probably my favorite one. just something about it...
Yeah it is. I'm not a huge fan of over the top fuzz. I just want a way to thicken/add furry fuzzy hairiness to my tone, not take it to total square wave madness.

I already built a mini fuzz face that does that square wave gated madness thing. It sounds so terrifyingly horrible, I pretty much never use it unless I want a good laugh for pants-shittingly awful stoner rock.
Don't trash stoner rock. Don't.
You should run it off of an isolated power supply. Dunlop's DC Brick is not isolated, but Pedal Power and others are. The trouble with daisy chain is not about the polarity at the jack, it's the ground of the chassis/guitar cable can jump/short 9v with other pedals in the daisy chain.
Weird! I just called Dunlop tech support and they said the Bonamassa mini fuzz face runs off a negative tip 9V supply. I asked how that's possible and if it's got a voltage inverter inside the pedal. They tech support guy said "no, you just run it off a normal power supply."

So I was like "uh, okay, thanks. Bye."

And the guy replied, "Mhm."

.............................sounds fishy.
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