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Full Version: A TMR Zoo Certified Musical
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While roaming around Toronto, Mrs. Prog and I were looking for something to and wandered through the entertainment district. Since "The Sound of Music" wasn't playing and Mrs. knew there was no way in hell I was going to see a musical version of "Dirty Dancing", we headed over to the Diesel Playhouse. We saw a musical that any guy will not be afraid to be seen at: Evil Dead: The Musical. With one of the main songs being "What the fuck was that?", I knew I'd enjoy myself. Even Mrs. Prog said it was great. It's Rocky Horror-ish with more blood, better women, and better music.
I wont be the first to call you a homo but you know its coming
Actually, I would like to see it myself. It's ending it's run in Toronto in September but is running in LA right now.

If it came to the PNW I would go see it in a heartbeat.
Couldn't get the embed to work, but here's a clip.
That Toronto. Always living on the edge.

The last musical I saw there was "Hairspray."
I have been dying to see the Evil Dead musical for quite awhile now. Currently the closest here is off-off-Broadway but I may have to try to get up there around Christmas and see it. Good stuff. huge grin
Haha, awesome.... I've been wanting to see this for a while but never dragged my ass down to the city to watch it. I know a few people that have gone and they all loved it. The first 6 rows or so are part of the "splatter zone"... expect to get wet and bloody.
It's worth the trip. The theater is only 7 rows deep, so even the back isn't a bad view. I think it's only got another month left in Toronto.