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Full Version: The Pedalmageddon is here
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...and it's even more destructive than we could have imagined.

Here's my quick no BS summary:

The Theta, oh the Theta. This pedal has a HILARIOUS amount of gain. Like, a quad tracked 5150 amount of gain. Not only that, this is easily the single most flexible piece of gear I've ever owned or tried. It has a good clean tone, too.

Next, the Joyo Vintage Overdrive. It cost me all of $27 and it's exactly what I need out of a boost. The tubescreamer tone everyone knows and loves, true bypass style.

Now we have the Joyo Analog Chorus. I have very simple chorus needs, and it fulfills them all. Simple, effective, and also true bypass.

And last but not least (while not necessarily a pedal but important nonetheless), the Joyo Power Supply 2. It nails the intended function, and it's SUPER durable. 

I will go into more detail about each of these things at a later date.

TL;DR: Joyo pedals are cheap durable and awesome. Also, the ISP Theta is incredible and deliciously brutal.
pics/clips or it didn't happen.
(05-23-2015, 08:43 PM)CTN Wrote: [ -> ]pics/clips or it didn't happen.

Photobucket is being a PITA at the moment, pics to come.

Ok, so fuck photobucket. 

Here's a 2 minute video about the Theta featuring the Joyo OD that I put together quick and sloppy with my Iphone.

sheeeeeit, that sounds good.
I know right?!

I need to get a good recording of this sometime, it kicks SO much ass.
There's nothing like making a good buy. Good job lil buddy! Congrats!
You're right - that Theta has so much gain it's hilarious! That thing puts Metal Zones to shame.
Yup. Have you ever tried one? I can't recommend it enough.