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Full Version: Things that are just useful
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Just figured out that the 2 Xotic pedals I have will run better at 18v and now they make a voltage doubler so it works on a 9v daisy chain.   And of course it is pricey as hell. Could use 5 or 6 of them dadgummit.
Do you use a soldering iron and do wiring?
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[Image: 555-voltage-doubler-schematic-550x288.gif]
Stuff like this is easy to make and uses commonly available parts. There's many circuits like this on the net.  If there's more than $10 worth of bits in them , move on
Building something that is going to be used continuously on a pedalboard for years might be above my pay grade and my skill level. Can barely read a schematic with about 5 web pages up to decipher a basic diagram.
There's always kits. They're pretty hard to fuck up.
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[Image: vdub2.jpg]

The full kit is almost 30% less the price of the one you linked.
[Image: vdub5.jpg]
All the pieces and parts and shipping it is $28.95 ? And kits are hard to fuck up but I can do it I know I can !