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Full Version: Let's see your first pedalboard!
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Here's mine, a homemade jobbie from 5 years ago. I loved that thing even if it was way too fucking big.

[Image: 32277_1401157801445_1517811_n.jpg?oh=0cf...e=55F2F83D]
[Image: 32277_1401158161454_7055700_n.jpg?oh=525...e=55F2E104]
I dont have one and i never have.
It was this. An Ikea Gorm shelf that I painted black.

[Image: P2180415.jpg]

Still have it, but it doesn't get much use anymore since it's so big and bulky.

The new one will be longer but more compact, and with far less empty space on it.
I come from the days where this was your pedalboard:

[Image: Carpet.jpg]

The 1st 8 years it was a Guitar, cable and Silverface Vibrochamp.  No reverb even.

Then I got a Distortion pedal. :poop:
I don't have photos of my first pedal board. It was a small Gator board with a case. The problem was my Snarling Dogs wah pedal took up half of it. By the time I had my tuner, chorus and amp footswitch there was no room left for my compressor and big muff pi.
This is the first one I built [Image: tele003.jpg] Think this is the first one I bought it's the smallest one I have and use it for travel/Jams etc Core Diamond [Image: Pedals003.jpg] Current Pedaltrain Pro without the EP on it [Image: Pedal%20board%20001.jpg]