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Man am i enjoying this game. You need to add a few mods like a unimog truck and some maps but overall its realistic.

I dont do any mission ''apparently you can collect lumber'' i just go on a roam...
What the fuck is this shit? I am still playing Street Fighter IV on my ps3 man. I don't even have games for my pc. Ain't nobody got time for that. Hell, I don't even have kids.
its fucking awesome. I haven't felt joy for a game in about 12 years. This is by far the most realistic game i have played.
Come on who has a 4wd here? This is wheeling at its best.

I can post torrent link and show people how to mod the game if desired.

You need a decent 3d card i believe to play this.
So how did you get banned?
Flannel did it.
(06-08-2015, 11:49 PM)kinnikuman Wrote: [ -> ]Come on who has a 4wd here? This is wheeling at its best.

4wd as in Dodge Ram awesomeness or 4wd as in an ATV? I've had both. I don't have either of them here in Greece though. 
I like mnotos too and have had my fair share but this is the runner i sold....

[Image: 1-16.jpg]

[Image: IMG_7763.jpg]
I always like 4 runners. My uncle used to have one and my brother also used to have one.

My 4wd was pretty shitty on the outside but I had done full exhaust with stainless steel manifolds, Mopar CPU tuning where it had to run on premium gas, intake and a lot of other things to it. It was a beast and if I hadn't have moved here I was looking into turbo and supercharger options for it even though I already had over 300 horsepower and close to 400 ft. lbs. of torque. She hauled ass on snow, mud, dirt or pavement. I really love the Mopar 318 motors. I was getting 24 mpg when I let her sip on the gas which isn't bad at all for an american v8.

[Image: Best%20Jakes%20Truck%20Photo%20Edited.jpg]
[Image: IMG00020-20100929-1849.jpg]
That's gnarly^^ The 300hp means nothing when it weighs ten tonne hehe. Jokes bro i love that thing.
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