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Full Version: Suhr guitars getting bought out at the moment
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I thought they'd been around longer.
John himself has been building since the 80's, if not earlier.
Wish i had the coin for one of those but instead i have to make my own like orphaned child.
Time will tell if this is a good thing or not.

John rewound my 1st set of SSL-1's around 1997. The box was marked JS Technologies. Think I still have the box. LOL.

He also brought out the Ilitch type noise canceling coil in a couple of formats. The backplate is great, but the built in systems are a notch above. The current system being sold in their guitars is just as effective and half the cost.

I'm pretty much set for guitars - 5 Suhrs in the stable. Lots of pickups too.
I have to buy crappy guitars and upgrade them over many years.
Great he can go golf with Ken Parker and Jim Mooradian.
Last I heard Ken Parker was still building.
Yeah, his archtops are amazing looking.
Seems like a good fit, unlike the behringer/tc electronic buyout

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