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Full Version: Holy fuck...Bass Big Muff Pi
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I am behind the fucking times, guys. This is the first pedal I have never even known I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT.

And so begins the fuzz addiction.

Those are really fun pedals. Plus, big muffs are a great place to enter the fuzz world, especially for someone of your tastes.


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I'm stopping here...swear to God...
If only you knew how many times I've said that. And not just about pedals in general, but fuzz too.

Finally listened to the playing part of the clip (I was busy trying to re-upload firmware onto one of my pedals) and I love the tone you're getting from that thing. I personally like using a muff into a clean or just barely breaking up amp, but I like what you're getting with a bit of dirt on your tone already. As you can probably tell, muffs are noisy fuckers, it's just the way they are. I've even had feedback when running into a clean amp if I'm playing loud enough.

When you do get into more fuzz pedals in the future, try to find a big muff with a mids control. Some muffs have mids switches, which is pretty handy, but I really like having a mids knob so you can choose exactly how much mids you want. The one thing I don't like about the muff is that it can have a hard time cutting through a mix, particularly with two guitarists. But if you have a mids knob and dial in a bit more mids than a stock muff would have, you'll have a muff tone that cuts through a dense mix without losing the muff-ness.

But this is more advanced fuzz theory. For now, just enjoy that pedal. It sounds killer.
Fuck yeah dude. Fuzz.

Name = dropped.
Freaking nice. I loved that review and the guitar tones. I love loose buzzy guitar tones.