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Full Version: We take a look at India's attempt to ban porn.
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Earlier this week elements of the Indian government tried to prevent it's citizens from accessing over 800 websites, in an attempt to prevent porn from becoming a 'Social Nusiance'.
Included on the list was many non porn sites that were deemed immoral and inappropriate.

Although we (for once) were not deemed inappropriate, we still take a look (in our own unique way) at this attempted ban in an article currently on The TMR Homepage.
In a country where it's not uncommon for multiple generations of women to be born into brothels, policy makers are more worried about internet porn? Sorry Sanjay clean up the Calcutta brothels and then tell me about your enlightened views on human worth.
Good point.
My guess is that the people pushing this legislation don't care about people who are involved in the sex trade as much as the possibility of "inappropriate" caste relations. Porn is detrimental to the caste system because it's about the breaking of taboos.
It seems as though elements from inside the Ministry of Communication where behind the attempted ban, possibly as a first move for certain people to begin ascending the power chain.
Nor would it be surprising if this move was an attempt to deal with some sort of personal embarrassment or dislike from inside that ministry as it seems the people who pushed for this ban acted alone, rather than on behalf of the government as a whole.
But that's all speculation.

Keep in mind that this is a country where corruption is so rampant that it even has a state issued zero value currency intended for people to give to those attempting to force bribes.

India is far more diversified than many believe, and in some ways quite actively looking to remodel itself after other G7 nations while maintaining it's identity.