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Full Version: I'm proud of myself
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[Image: 4b95d7c34b72c5870e814c8825b14647.jpg]

I give you... The Iron Man wah. This is probably my best refinish work yet.

Unfortunately, I don't have the money right now to put anything in it, so it's just a vanity piece at the moment. I'm currently unsure what's even going to go in it. But whatever fuzz/wah combo I go with, it will be awesome.
Looking pretty sweet!
Classic earth moving colour scheme.
I did that big time. Why a wah? Why not maybe take a vibe or trem pedal apart and have the foot controller control the rate.
I pitched that idea to him and he wasn't head-over-heels about it.
Nothing cooler than heavy distortion with a pulsing aggressive vibe add a little echo and hello Dr. Leary.
I dunno really. I've just always wanted a fuzz wah.

Besides, the battery box takes up so much space that I'm not sure there's enough room for a mod circuit.

I'll talk to John at CSE whenever I get the money to have him do something with it. It really depends on how much room there is in the housing.

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Have him remove the box and add a 9v adapter.
I did think about it, but then there'd be a big ugly hole where the battery box used to be.

It's one of these types of boxes:

[Image: inductorlesswahorangebigguts.jpg]
I say leave it empty and put it on your pedalboard.

Use it to fake everyone out. :p
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