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Full Version: Apple Fights to Protect Your Privacy
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As a developer of mobile apps, I've been both frustrated and impressed by the many subtle design decisions that Apple has made with their products that protect the privacy of their customers.  Apple has taken this seriously for a lot longer than most customers have even had it on their radar.

So I say good for them for challenging a court order to unlock the data on an iPhone.  Apple says they technically could comply with the court order in this case, but they do not want to set the wrong precedent by complying with an order that they feel oversteps your privacy.

In the days where the NSA and the Chinese government will record every bit of data they can get their mitts on just because they can get away with it, it is even more important to have good locks on your doors.

This may be the single biggest difference between Apple and Google.  Google's entire business model is in prying information loose from us.  Apple builds the products they themselves would want to carry.
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I don't like the idea of a search "just because," which is becoming a more common occurrence than many choose to believe.