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Full Version: Tone Paper?
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Sounds like a Strat does this finally kill the tone woodz argument?
Not in the slightest.

Gibson's using Richlite (resin impregnated paper) on some models.

I can grab random parts and assemble a Strat-oid and it should sound like a Strat, but it might not be the Strat tone I like. I very much believe in the sum of all parts concept. An alder and ash bodied Strat are different beasts and need parts that compliment the construction (mainly pickups - but have thrown fits before with bridges LOL).

Not discounting cardboard, I might like it.
Martin uses richlite too which is just crazy? Just to toss in some random stupid info here , my recent Strat build has a graphite neck and active pickups and it is the most Strat-like sounding guitar I own. It sounds like a Strat when it isn't plugged in which is crazy too. Wood couldn't matter in the slightest , it is beyond the ability of the human ear to hear things that small , it takes all of the pieces and parts together to make the right sound. We can convince ourselves of anything it is one of the most prevalent parts of the human condition.
Wood is where we disagree - The difference between swamp ash and alder is pretty big. Not in a mix, just the guitar itself.

Even cut makes a bit of difference - I get a looser feel out of a plain sawn neck. I prefer that.

All in all, its the sum of the parts - even if its not wood.
We built a guitar out of a salt treated 4 x 4 some 35 years ago with pieces and parts from cheap beaters that sounded better then my LP Custom , anyone that ever heard agreed as in 100% doing a blind comparison with a recording. Not trying to start an argument with you just offering some facts I have encountered. We did the record player needle thing too and that was just horrid sounding. It was also the worst playing guitar that was ever built , unfinished but stained it gave you splinters. No clue what bonfire it ended up in either but we destroyed more good gear then we ever kept in my group of maniacs.