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Full Version: Well, I sorta bought a home studio.
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Focusrite 2i4, Sennheiser e608, Shure SM57, and a couple of Mackie monitors. Eventually, I'll add a sub for the lows.

I've never recorded anything before besides clips on cellphones or an old casette recorder back when I was in a band with terrible people.

I'm pretty damn excited, to be honest. I'll be able to actually reproduce the sounds from my amp (while satisfying the demands of the few folks that want to hear the Hovercraft on recording) and get some songs recorded. Now when I lose my job, I'll be able to occupy myself!

I just got an interface myself - Went for a Zoom thunderbolt.

Was discounted at Sweetwater, so why not?

All I need now is an other mic stand.
Excellent. I went with the scarlett because it's supposed to be user friendly and I know people that have it and get good results.

Worst case scenario - I badger them with questions.

I hace no idea what I'm doing.
What DAW are you using?
(12-07-2015, 10:08 AM)karpathion Wrote: [ -> ]What DAW are you using?

Everyone I've talked to has recommended Reaper, but I'm open to suggestions.
Reaper is great for the price. You just have to add anything you'll use. It's a blank slate to start with, atleast it used to be.

I can't speak highly enough about FL Producer edition. Best $200 I've ever spent, and I've been using it for about 4 years now. It has anything you will need. It's a complete studio.

If you don't need all the bells and whistles, the Presonus stuff is highly regarded by the guitar community.

There are a few ways to go, though. How much do you want to spend?
Another option is the older Roland VS 1880's and Boss's BR machines. You can those for super cheap these days, and still sound great. You wouldn't even need an interface with those. I used an 1880 for years, until I gave it to my uncle. He still uses it every day.
As far as price, I'm not sure. Primarily because I don't know what I'm getting into or what I'll need.

I'm not opposed to investing in a good DAW if it'll give better results.
Oh you already bought it all? Fucking sweet.

I can't wait to get my monitors in. It should make recording a much more enjoyable experience.

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All you really need is an interface, if you go the DAW route.

There are all sorts of free VST instruments and effects out there.

If you won't my personal opinion, the full studios are the way to go. FL Producer, Presonus, Pro Tools, etc, etc.

FL is the best bang for your buck, but I don't think you would ever use all the goodies that come with it. It may be overkill. Plus, it's really aimed at electronic music, but it works great for anything. Has many drum programs, any effect you need, and full editing capabilities.

I think you can get the starter Reaper download for free, an it's like $60 for a full license. Probably a good place to start. If it falls short of what you need, look into some of the bigger box sets. They all do pretty much the same thing, the user interface is just a little different between them.
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