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Full Version: Oh fuck, why not order a new custom bass, right?
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Well, I started talking to my luthier friend today...

And now I'm ordering the wood for a new bass.

Warmoth builds are really good and fun do.
For sure they are man, I was actually thinking of ordering another Warmoth bass anyway. I've got 3 Warmoth guitars and 1 bass now with a 4th guitar just waiting for a bridge and electronics from them. I love Warmoth!

Warmoth doesn't make carved top Les Paul basses though... but my luthier friend does!

I'm going with a chambered swamp ash body, I think I will do a bocote neck with a single Music Man style humbucker in the sweet spot with 3 band active EQ

I'm excited for this bass, really excited!
Hey, I'm looking for more suppliers of woods, specifically ash body blanks and bocote

I'm just not loving any of the options at

Where else do you guys look?
Looks as good as anything else out there. I could spend all day on their site.
I hear that, I'm pretty sold on one of their two piece ash bodies but it never hurts to see what else is out there before I buy. I was told to find a 13/16" x 4-1/2" x 34" piece of bocote for the bass neck and most of the wild figured pieces that are close to that size are sold out.
Cool site. I have been looking for a salvaged piece of oak or maple for years. Fender did a Tele years ago from a 100-year-old beam salvaged from an old church teardown. The guitar was so beautiful. I have been looking for something similar ever since.