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Full Version: Today is a good day
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Not only do I get to go see Portland get their asses handed to them by the Dubs, but I went out on my lunch break and picked up this gem:

[Image: 2678414bee2dbb78113e92c2b6d1f162.jpg]
[Image: 3a976dc05d9fc47fd88ec6f6b0968647.jpg]
[Image: 8c5d552b425b1fe39efe9c3c25363864.jpg]

It's an Earcandy Buzzbomb. I've wanted one of these forever. I got it sans speakers for only 200 bones, which is a good deal considering the upcharge that comes with getting a hard wood cab.

Now I finally have one cab per amp. This will be getting used with my Bassman. I'm not sure what I want to put in the cab - my first thought was a pair of creambacks, but that's a lot of money. I'm going to weigh my options for a bit and probably pick something up in the next month or two. For now, it will just be a pretty stand for my Bassman and reverb unit.
That's fucking pretty!
Thanks, Karp.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that it even came with a vinyl cover - and a pretty good quality one at that.

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ohh my grain
Nice cab. I was expecting an Ice Cube type of rant when I opened this thread. Did momma cook breakfast with no hog also?
I'm a grown ass man, my momma don't cook me no breakfast.

In fact, it was really only a good day because I didn't have to use my AK.

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Oh and this

[Image: 7ac8cd0602386865404f14921ff54f45.jpg]
To be quite honest, I've never had a cab like this. Not only is it ported (differently from any other ported cab I've had before) but it's noticeably deeper than any cab I've had before - IIRC it's 16 inches deep.

If you guys had my amp and this cab, what speakers would you put in it?

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That sir, depends on what you want. Do you do Fuzz or Distorion? 

With your particular amp and that cabinet, if it were me, I'd recut the baffle and put a pair of Big Ben 15s.

If your not like me, I'd do a pair of 8ohm Cannabis Rex in series. They stay pretty warm no matter what, and if you push them hard enough you might get them to distort. They were my favorite of the Patriot series behind the Swamp Thangs. If you use pedals to get your dirt you'll probably like them even more.
I'm definitely using this amp more for fuzz than distortion.

If I could fit two 15s in there, I might consider it, but the box is only 28" wide.

I actually had a Cannabis Rex and a Texas Heat in the Fender cab I had a while back. They sounded fantastic together, especially with this amp and fuzz, but I'm not sure how they would sound in this cab.

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