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Full Version: 6N2P-EV Preamp tubes.
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I've been seeing these things go for nothing on ebay, for a long time now. The listing always says its a12ax7 alternative. Other people are starting to use them now, and I wouldn't want to miss out on these prices.

I looked up the spec sheet, and the are pretty close. Would only take a few minutes to change a couple values and make them work.

It's hard to pass on the price, and just a few minutes of work. I'm going to try one in my little Valve Jr first. If it sounds pretty good, the Windsor/2203 is getting the other 3.

$8.50 shipped for a quad.

You can just rewire a 9 pin socket and they work.

[Image: 14r2sg.jpg]

[Image: 14r34x.jpg]
Pretty hard to find a bad sounding tube unless it is made incorrectly. They have been the flavor of the month recently , I keep seeing them pop up here and there too. Have always liked 5881s better then 6L6s even though many say it is the same thing. Good luck with the testing !