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Full Version: Rack Upgrades.
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Well - I got so much built up GAS right now.  Must be careful not to go overboard!

Right now I'm trying to kill the little bit of hum left in my rack.  Its RF, not the 60HZ kind.

My devices are already mounted with shelf washers.  1st step is to work on good clean power (power regulator is not working very well, have to sit too close to it.

Have one of these on the way - I'll make a trip to Home Depot and get some supplies, but Step 1 is this:

[Image: s-l1600.jpg]

Not sure it will do anything, but it will be handy to have an extension cord with RFI filter.  If it does, I'll scour around for more.  It was only $15, so why not?

Next is a new purchase - Eventide Power Factor2.  Getting the mixer and H9's on clean power from a single supply.  Also going down to 1 mixer stage and use the PCM81 digital/analog conversion as its very high quality.  I guess I'll have some Voodoo Lab power supplies up for sale soon.

I'm also thinking of making up really overboard heavy duty speaker cables.
Rack work can be expensive but that is a good start at hum reduction. You don't have to go crazy with speaker cables , I generally use the Planet waves 14 ga ones and they go upto 25'. I also use a hum eliminator plug just because handy to have a few of these around
Yeah - I should have absolutely no ground loops. Each buffer and mixer has audio transformer isolation. I'm picking it up from elsewhere, probably downstairs. There is a 2000# safe between me and the 1st suspected culprit.

I do have an Ebtech around here somewhere if I need it.

I'm focusing on simplification this time around. Also getting the H9's off those digital supplies.
OH! This is in the gear room.

Now I understand.
You would be amazed at how many people don't know the first thing about sound in any kind of signal chain. It sounds like your biggest problem is an immoveable object , be damned if I would move that safe for any reason. Heck most guitarists now think that a buffer in your signal chain is bad , ONLY TRUE BYPASS ! Frikkin idiots make us look bad. I do miss all my rack gear but I don't miss rolling that monster around and taking it to gigs was just awful. This looks handy
(06-20-2016, 03:03 PM)LesStrat Wrote: [ -> ]OH!  This is in the gear room.

Now I understand.

Wait until I start the brazziere...  err Rack Case upgrade...
Engineered for extraordinary bouyancy?
Would any of you like to hear my review of the Boss DD series?  huge grin

Did ya know?  The Boss TU-2 was used as a 1st stage buffer in a lot of big rigs in the day.  Yes - a tuner!
You have all of the Boss delays ? Sure , I only have used the DD3,DD5 and DD20 and like them all pretty much a great and cheap clean digital pedal.
RF can be tricky, but if you can isolate the source, you may be able to get the offender to fix it for you. FCC regulations put the burden onto the operator of the radiating equipment.

You could have a neighbor who is running a poorly-grounded radio transmitter, or even a failing transformer or street light on a utility pole.

I would start by unplugging any suspicious equipment you may have to see if you can get it to go away. Rule out any sources in the house, or at least figure out what needs to be addressed.

If you can prove that the noise is coming from somewhere else, it will become somebody else's problem.
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