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Full Version: My Stupid Redneck Mod of the Day!
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Get a hold of 'dis:

[Image: 28076243962_938403605a_z.jpg]IMG_0068 by imnothere2000, on Flickr

Not the roller tree.look right behind the saddles.  Courtesy of Bass Pro Shops!

So, after putting the tree on, noticed a little less sustain and a still a lot of vibration on the bridge begind the B and G strings.  Hence the split shot.  Its tin, so no worries.  Seems to work nicely.

Get R Dun!
[Image: 9f2eeb0e221b0f8d1cf270ee7e6c6c18aab77166...8ca55d.jpg]
You sir need a bender.  Then ye shall know...

It seems to add just a little punch to the B and G.  1's enough though - I added the 2nd for kicks.
Us poor folks can't afford benders and besides they require skills we don't possess.Having sat 10 feet away from Albert Lee for an hour I know it is beyond me.Very nice work , especially if it fixes your issue !
Well, it is the Bass Pro Shop after all...
More in stupid redneck mods... Its a slow day at work.

Successfully lowered my nut on my Martin without fouling it up. How did I manage that? ;)

I took the Kimsey suggestions (.014 to .018) and added a two or tree thousandths. Its still a little high, but I'm going to lower the saddle on the next string change. I did use proper tools this time!

New project - a redneck 'Callaham" bushing... AKA teflon tubing.

Also splurged on an old fashioned coil cable. Lava - Get it with a warranty!