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Full Version: I think I did good on this one.
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Snagged a Randall RM50 1x12 combo, a few minutes ago. It has the Plexi module, and The Judge in it. I paid a good price for it, so I'm happy with it.

Hell, I can sell the modules for a little each and make some on it.

[Image: 191o70.jpg]
Got to spend some time with it this morning, and I'm fucking impressed.

The cabinet is real wood. No particle or laminated crap here. 1x12 ported design that is way bigger than what speaker needs. It does have the dreaded G12T75, and I understand now why it's not a favorite in this type of setup. I just plugged it into my homebrew 2x12. It's much better for me.

Laving the modules aside for now and concentrating on just the power unit alone, it's a simple to the point workhorse. 2x6l6 power section, master volume, effects levels, and presence control are all you get, but that's all you need.

The preamp modules that came in it are pretty fun, but I'm not really a fan of the Plexi module. My Windsor/2204 is just better in that area.

The Judge Module is a whole different story! It's one of Lynch's mods, based on the brown channel of his Marsha. It's extremely convincing... It'll also go into other areas. I've got a straight tasty, dropped metal tone going that makes me cheese like a rodeo clown.

Randall had something good here. I wish they hadn't stopped. These things are a lot better than I imagined them to be. At the prices they are going for now, it's probably one the best bang for the buck around. Especially being about to just swap out a preamp for anothet, to taste. Modding them is easy too.

Too bad I'm gonna have to flip it. I didn't know they could still pull this.
That is a sweet little amp. I have always loved Randell amps.