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Full Version: I just had to do it....
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Going to take some juggling of planned expenditures, but I just pulled the trigger on an Fractal AX8.

With all the people coming in/going out of the house lately I'm just not getting to enjoy my stash.  Oh well, I deserve a new toy.
Fractal Axe Fx geez , so far out of my Universe I can't even see it with a giant telescope?
Color me green.

I really want a Line 6 Helix. My bank account disagrees.
Daymn playa
Pent up demand.


Cool. More valves for me.
(08-25-2016, 01:05 PM)Funkfingers Wrote: [ -> ]Cool. More valves for me.

Not so fast, buddy!   :wwe:  
Kicking myself for not pulling the trigger a day sooner - Have to suffer until Monday..  You can suffer with me...

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