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RE: What's for Dinner? - Big Flannel - 06-12-2015


It was my breakfast, lunch, and dinner in one since I haven't been eating

RE: What's for Dinner? - LesStrat - 06-13-2015

We made a pizza last night.

No, I still have not tried to make a crust.

Pepperoni, Italian sausage, peppers, onions....

We bought a spicy bell pepper plant last month. One of those went into the sauté pan with the green bell pepper and onions. That thing has a sweet taste, but more bite than a jalapeño. Yum.

What's for Dinner? - Agileguy - 06-16-2015

I was supposed to go to a barbecue after work. Unfortunately, my friend bailed on me so now I'm left with two steaks and one belly. I only ate about 700 calories today so I could have the steak and stay on the diet - plus the exercise I got before work - so I'm starving right now. But it will do be worth it once I get one if these on the grill.

[Image: 550824c8f7ad2ca725ec2a26c4d7eda3.jpg]

RE: What's for Dinner? - CTN - 06-16-2015

Ohhh yeah, keep those marinating longer

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RE: What's for Dinner? - Agileguy - 06-16-2015

I made the bigger one and it was fucking beautiful. Almost 10oz of cooked meat (I have to weigh how much I eat to diet properly) and I ate every morsel. I cooked it perfectly too - it was the reddest it could be without being too fleshy.

Fuck, I was hungry. But the good news is that because I barely ate today (just a jimmy dean breakfast sandwich and a Wendy's chili) other than dinner, I was able to not only stick to my diet but come in 1000 calories under my limit (accounting for exercise). It feels so good to lose weight and still eat delicious food without starving myself.

Anyway, I'm going to let the other one marinate for a few more days. I think I'll eat it this weekend.

RE: What's for Dinner? - Securb - 06-17-2015

How long is you ultimum marinating time?

RE: What's for Dinner? - Agileguy - 06-17-2015

I actually threw it in the freezer so I can have it in a week or two. No need to ruin myself on it.

I'd I hadn't froze it, I'd eat it no more than two days later.

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RE: What's for Dinner? - CTN - 06-20-2015

schnitzel sammiches, on kaiser buns with emmental and boston lettuce

RE: What's for Dinner? - Securb - 06-28-2015

A nice bacon, ham and cheese quiche for brunch

[Image: CImPLIMWoAAG8Y7.jpg:large]

RE: What's for Dinner? - Oinkus - 06-28-2015

Reminded me of back in the 70s when we all worked at the pizza shop Milton's we used to make egg pizza , just a crust with scrambled eggs and meats and cheese. Long before Quiche was cool but basically the same thing just much bigger.