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Skank Of The Week - 3dR3 - 07-08-2008

Speng Wrote:I hate all the cutesy terms they use to describe celebries.

Is Samantha Ronson hot?

gay guys have influence everywhere now... and that is the proof.

what makes this story even worse is that "they" have a reality show featuring "them"

who really needs to see this shit? are teenagers that board?

Skank Of The Week - Chocklit - 07-15-2008

Securb Wrote:LINDSAY LOHAN has confirmed her gay relationship with DJ SAMANTHA RONSON is the real deal.

The couple have become inseparable since the turn of the year but have never gone on record to say they are an item - until now.
Speaking at her 22nd birthday celebrations, Li-Lo lavished praise on her special someone.

Lindsay said: "I just wanna live a happy healthy year, continue on the path that I've been on and be with the person I care about. And my family."

[Image: amd_lohanronson.jpg]

I would say this girl has a serious self-destructive bent. Her behaviour since she left the Disney stable has been going steadily downhill. If she is deliberately trying to run her career into the ground, she is doing a good job.

Skank Of The Week - Chocklit - 07-15-2008

This thread has been renamed since I put it up. I don't use terms like "skank".

If someone wants to start a "Skank of the Week" thread, fine. Go for it. But please don't put words in my mouth.

I know I am going to regret using that phrase. :(

Skank Of The Week - Hooch - 07-15-2008

Chocklit Wrote:please don't put words in my mouth.

Like this?.....

[Image: sucks10.gif]

Skank Of The Week - Chocklit - 07-15-2008

*sigh* I suppose it is too much to expect subtlety from a gorilla.

Skank Of The Week - 3dR3 - 07-15-2008

Hooch Wrote:Like this?.....

[Image: sucks10.gif]

now that's fuckin funny!!

Skank Of The Week - Fel - 07-16-2008

Haha.... best thread retitling ever. Fits so well.

Skank Of The Week - Speng - 07-16-2008

Fel Wrote:Haha.... best thread retitling ever. Fits so well.

I agree. :lol:

Skank Of The Week - Securb - 07-16-2008

JULY 16--Comedian Andy Dick was arrested this morning by California cops on drug and sexual battery charges. Dick, 42, was nabbed around 2 AM in a Riverside County parking lot after he allegedly groped the breasts of a 17-year-old girl and then pulled the teen's tank top and bra down, exposing her breasts (the incident occurred outside the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant). During a search of Dick, police discovered a small amount of marijuana in his pants pocket and a single Xanax pill for which he did not have a prescription. An "extremely intoxicated" Dick was booked into the Southwest Detention Center, where bail was set at $5,000.

[Image: 0716082andydick1.jpg]

Skank Of The Week - Speng - 07-16-2008

What a demonic mugshot.

I'm surprised that dude is still alive.