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Skank Of The Week - 3dR3 - 01-20-2010

i think i see a thong Sec...

Skank Of The Week - Securb - 03-17-2010

I came across this picture of Amy Winehouse. She isnt in the new but she is still a skank.

[Image: amy.jpg?w=364&h=482]

Skank Of The Week - Securb - 03-24-2010

We have a winner or loser depending on how you look at it.

[Image: 0324_lilo_splash.jpg]

Skank Of The Week - 3dR3 - 03-24-2010

who the hell is that?

Skank Of The Week - Securb - 03-24-2010

3dR3 Wrote:who the hell is that?

Lindsay Blo-gland

Skank Of The Week - 3dR3 - 03-24-2010

is that Pauly Shore helping her up?

Skank Of The Week - Securb - 05-09-2010

Angered by her common-law husband's poor performance in bed, a Texas woman yesterday allegedly stabbed her mate with a pair of scissors, leading to her arrest for assault. Michelle Thomas, 26, apparently became enraged when the victim failed to satisfy her sexually, according to a court affidavit sworn by a Hudson Police Department officer.

The man, 28, told cops that the woman had "become angry with him over a sexual encounter that she was not satisified with," and "began to slash at him with the scissors." The man, who refused to press charges, suffered superficial cuts to his chest, leg, and hand. Thomas was arrested for aggravated assault, a felony, and booked into the Angelina County jail, where she posed for the below mug shot.[Image: 0505102thomas1.jpg]

Skank Of The Week - Securb - 07-20-2010

Spartanburg deputies handled an unusual complaint on Sunday when McDonald’s employees said a woman caused a commotion after she bought a sandwich and shoved it down her pants saying her order had been shorted....

...The deputy asked Turner to step outside, and said he could see a large grease stain on the front of her pants. He said that Turner denied having the sandwich until a female officer arrived to search her. The deputy said at that point, Turner pulled the sandwich out of her pants and put it on the hood of the police car.

[Image: 24311273_640X480.jpg]

Skank Of The Week - 3dR3 - 07-20-2010

no need to ask...... Cletus would hit it.

Skank Of The Week - Securb - 07-20-2010

The questions isn't would Cletus hit is. The questions is would he eat the sandwich before or after.