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Skank Of The Week - 3dR3 - 07-17-2008

wait..... he's not gay?

Skank Of The Week - Prog - 07-17-2008

3dR3 Wrote:wait..... he's not gay?

He goes both ways.

Skank Of The Week - homer - 07-17-2008

hes always been a weird dude

Skank Of The Week - Fel - 07-17-2008

woah shit.... hardly recognize him there... what a dick.

Skank Of The Week - Chocklit - 07-18-2008

So...just what is Andy Dick doing in Chocklit's Filthy Skank of the Week thread?

According to Wikipedia....

Skank is a slang and pejorative term used in English to describe a certain type of female. The term "skank" differs from that of "slut" in that whereas the latter implies only sexual promiscuity; the former also implies poor taste, personally degrading behaviour and low socioeconomic class.

Also used as slang for lower class female that is dirty or not presenting herself well. Other skank behaviors can include being obsessed with celebrity lifestyle and emulating it.

In recent years "Skank" (or "Skankster") is also used in some parts of the U.K to describe unappealing individuals of either sex with habitual poor personal hygiene, most notably long-term drug addicts; a usage in some ways harking back to its original application.

Originally denoting a bad smell or a filthy surface, "skank" has come to refer to someone who is physically repugnant for their filth, and figuratively applied to someone who is morally or socially repugnant for their behavior and demeanor, most often sexual conduct.

Well, I must admit that last paragraph does fit him to a tee...

Skank Of The Week - pervertfreak - 07-19-2008

[Image: 0716082andydick1.jpg]
OH MY GOD THAT PIC IS FUCKING AWESOME! I LOVE IT! He looks so insane. It's GREAT! I think Andy Dick is fucking RAD. He's funny as hell.

Skank Of The Week - Speng - 07-19-2008

That pic would make a great Avatar

Skank Of The Week - pervertfreak - 07-19-2008

Speng Wrote:That pic would make a great Avatar
That's funny because I was gonna say "I'm off to go make every avatar that I have on the internet that picture" but I just settled on making my windows user icon it instead.

Skank Of The Week - 3dR3 - 07-21-2008

he was pretty insane on the gong show

Skank Of The Week - Securb - 07-28-2008

Jessica Simpson will be in Oxnard, California to watch Cowboys training camp. Why WTF? :confused:

Joe Simpson, Jess' dad, was at Sunday afternoon's practice and confirmed that his daughter would arrive "soon." "She's coming to the games this year, so you better get ready," Why WTF? :confused:

Papa Joe added. "She's a fan from the beginning to the end." As for Tony Romo, Joe said "He better have the year of his life." :lol:

[Image: jessica-simpson-cheers-tony-romo-1.jpg]