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Skank Of The Week - 3dR3 - 07-20-2010

Securb Wrote:The questions isn't would Cletus hit is. The questions is would he eat the sandwich before or after.

most likely after.... he usually "fuels up the sex machine" with beer and Jack Daniels.

Skank Of The Week - Securb - 08-17-2010

An HIV-positive German pop singer went on trial on Monday accused of failing to tell sexual partners about her condition, causing one of them to become infected.

Nadja Benaissa, 28, former singer in the girl band No Angels, is charged with causing grevious bodily harm and attempted bodily harm, a court spokesman told CNN.

Benaissa had unprotected sex on five occasions between 2000 and 2004 with three people and did not tell them she was infected, Agence France-Presse reported the charge sheet as saying. She had allegedly known her status since 1999.

Benaissa admitted not telling sexual partners she was HIV-positive but denied intending to infect anyone, according to AFP. "I am sorry from the heart," she told the court, according to media reports.

One of the three men Benaissa allegedly slept with has since been confirmed as having HIV, prosecutors told an earlier hearing, AFP reported.

Skank Of The Week - Speng - 08-17-2010

Freaking Germany

Skank Of The Week - Securb - 08-17-2010

German women! This is a great example why it is saver just to shit in their mouths.

Skank Of The Week - 3dR3 - 08-17-2010

Securb Wrote:German women! This is a great example why it is saver just to shit in their mouths.

can't you get AIDS from that? what if she licks?

Skank Of The Week - skarydrunkguy - 08-17-2010


Skank Of The Week - Securb - 08-26-2010

A Cincinnati woman was simultaneously masturbating with a sex toy and watching a pornographic video while driving last week, according to cops who arrested her on assorted criminal charges.

Colondra Hamilton, 36, was pulled over last Tuesday evening in a traffic stop triggered when cops noticed she was driving a 2008 Pontiac with overly tinted windows.

That’s when officers noticed that Hamilton’s pants were unbuttoned. And she had a vibrator in her lap. Questioned by cops, Hamilton admitted to engaging in auto erotic manipulation, and revealed that she had also been watching a porno movie that was playing on the laptop of a friend in the passenger seat, according to an Elmwood Place Police Department report.

Hamilton, pictured in the above mug shot, was booked into the Hamilton County jail on a misdemeanor count of driving with “impaired alertness.” Hamilton was also charged with possession of drug paraphernalia since cops found a “broken piece of crack pipe” in her purse.

She was not, however, accused of using the pipe while she was driving and masturbating and watching an X-rated film, the title of which was not released.

[Image: hamilton_colondra_l._dob_6-28-1974_taken_8-17-2010.jpg]

Skank Of The Week - Securb - 09-03-2010

Matthew Rayfield and Diane Orosz were having sex Tuesday afternoon behind a vacant house in Pompano Beach, Florida. Since the rear of the property was adjacent to the Intracoastal Waterway, “vessels were passing by continuously and witnessing the incident,” according to a Broward County Sheriff’s Office report.

That’s when the “completely nude” couple’s tryst was interrupted by, of course, Captain Wiener.

The officer reported spotting Rayfield, 43, with a “full penile erection” and Orosz, 47, “leaning over forward with her vagina exposed.” Wiener added that the duo “spontaneously said they were ‘celebrating their anniversary.’

Rayfield and Orosz, pictured in the mug shots at right, were each charged with disorderly conduct and indecent behavior.

[Image: publicsexduo.jpg]

Skank Of The Week - Speng - 09-03-2010

Dude, is he related to Cletus?

Skank Of The Week - 3dR3 - 09-07-2010

Speng Wrote:Dude, is he related to Cletus?

I'm pretty sure he is....... I'm wondering if he's related to the chick in the mug shot