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Pro Cables N Sound Power Y Box - Oinkus - 06-30-2017

Basically it is the opposite of the Y cable I got from them in a box. Could not find the original thread to add this to but oh well. It is to give 2 outputs to a single output amp basically. The box is wired in series vs the cable is wired in parallel. What I am doing is running it into my Marshall 2x12 1922 cab in stereo. 8 ohm output and (amp will run 8-16 ohms) 2 16 ohm speakers in the cab. Cab is wired in series too so I can just plug into one side of it in mono also. The Tubemeister 18 sounds pretty great turned up on 1 watt , not that the single speaker in it sounds bad being a 10" Celestion in a Thiele Enclosure. In stereo on 18 watts turned all the way up it should break windows and eardrums i would imagine.No point in a picture because it is just a standard pedal box with 3 jacks in it.

RE: Pro Cables N Sound Power Y Box - Securb - 07-01-2017

I am looking to do something like this with the JCM2000 and the JC120. My only concern is would I really want to drag all of that to a gig?

RE: Pro Cables N Sound Power Y Box - Oinkus - 07-01-2017

It's one cable/pedal and a small light cab. I have a The Bag of Everything and it weighs a couple hundred pounds I take it with me every time I leave the house with gear too though. Swapped my pedalboard to run through the TM 18 and used the TM36 with the looper for rhythm and it really sounds great at lower volumes (not loud enough to require earplugs). Shame it won't sound the same in a band mix or out live without some tweaking but that is the problem with being in a room by yourself you just can't magically get the right settings. Fair guesstimate but that is as good as it goes. Have to say that is 100 bucks that was well spent for the cable and box to expand my sound palette in many different ways.

RE: Pro Cables N Sound Power Y Box - Oinkus - 07-02-2017

Might pay to have it hooked up correctly too , amp is made for 8-16 ohms not 32 or 4.

RE: Pro Cables N Sound Power Y Box - karpathion - 07-02-2017

You have a gutshot or schematic? For some reason, just can't wrap my head around it. I need to see it.

It allows multiple taps on the output of a single output amp? With no OT loading issues? I kind of get it, like a reverse version a 4 hole plexi input?

RE: Pro Cables N Sound Power Y Box - Oinkus - 07-03-2017

1 input 2 outputs for amps with only 1 output box is wired in Series cable is wired Parallel. [Image: BoxS_zpsugntyly6.jpg] [Image: CableP_zpsdfkifnxi.jpg] Here is a link to the site has more info

RE: Pro Cables N Sound Power Y Box - karpathion - 07-05-2017

I get it now. I think I had to see the cable for it to click. That's pretty damn cool.

RE: Pro Cables N Sound Power Y Box - Oinkus - 07-05-2017

Man it is waaaay cooler than that but make sure you have your ohms calculated correctly. For some reason I was under the impression that my TM 36 was running at 16 ohms and I would figure I looked it up on the Hughes and Kettner website ? Is a single 8 ohm speaker and I built the wrong cabinet addon for it with a 15" speaker @ 16 ohms because I guess I am an idiot?