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On the road - GoldenVulture - 09-25-2017

It isn't the clearest pic.  A couple of frames from my cheap car cam.
The object on the road is a slightly curled up brown snake crossing the road. I drove straight over the top of it with  out hitting it. I didn't see it until I was almost on top of it as I was coming out of a bend. It looked like a smaller one , about four feet. Many are six feet or more. The snakes are just re-emerging after winter [ It's spring here ] They're one of the deadliest snakes around and we have plenty of them where I live. angry
[Image: attachment.php?aid=745]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=746]

RE: On the road - Demanic - 09-25-2017

We have rattle snakes here in AZ. I once saw one about 6' long crossing the road in front of my house.

RE: On the road - GoldenVulture - 09-25-2017

We have them wandering through properties and down lanes here. A woman who used to live down the road from me had a few traumas when her cats brought some baby ones inside and were playing with them in the lounge room. it happened a couple of times. She managed to remove them herself.
They're a protected species so your not supposed to kill them... fuck that, if I get confronted by one.
I watched a mate some years back grab one off the road and beat it to death on the road. He was in a bit of a cranky mood that day and the snake copped it.

RE: On the road - LesStrat - 09-26-2017

Brown snakes here are harmless.

You're doing it wrong. huge grin