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Self Serve Petrol - GoldenVulture - 01-04-2018

Wow, you'd be hard pressed to find a servo here that does driveway service. Old
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Quote:A new law which makes it legal for people in parts of the United States to pump their own fuel has been met with panic and outrage by some residents — and inspired a bevy of satirical replies online.

The law, which took effect on January 1, means that people in part — but not all — of rural Oregon can now take over the job usually performed by the areas' petrol station attendants,

Self Serve Petrol - BriGuy1968 - 01-05-2018

And that, dear children, is why we keep Oregon in Oregon!

RE: Self Serve Petrol - johnjohn - 01-06-2018

Is that what all the freaking out has been about?
I’ve pumped my own gas just about every time I went to NY, and it’s uncommon to find a place that does it for you up here.

Self Serve Petrol - BriGuy1968 - 01-06-2018

It’s been probably 25 years since the last time I stopped into a full-service station, and to be honest I don’t know of any that exist anymore.

At the time I had about a 1.5 hour commute and I remember that I found it kinda nice to be able to pull in after a long day at work and let someone else pump the gas. Hell, I was only 24 or 25 then... NOW I’d REALLY appreciate it if I could find one!