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Playoff Baseball - bobbyt2 - 10-13-2008

Where are all the Phuckin Phillie Phans??? Some pretty good games going on.
I selfishly wanted to see coach JOE & Manny face & DESTROY the SOX, but it may be he Phillies year.

Playoff Baseball - Hooch - 10-13-2008

There never was much baseball talk on these or the old boards. It would be nice to see the Phils win tonight. I have tix to game 6, but I've been saying since I got them that there wouldn't be a game 6... that still could be the case.

Listening to Joe Buck call for retailiation for 3 straight innings last night was torture. It sounded like he was playing with himself when the Dodgers finally did it. He should stick to massaging Aikman's taint.

It'll be tough for either NL team to beat either AL team... but that's why they play.

Playoff Baseball - 3dR3 - 10-14-2008

Baseball?? Who has time for that...

I enjoy watching the Phils win but I just can't get into it....

Playoff Baseball - Hooch - 10-14-2008

Buck and McCarver aren't even trying to cover up that they want a Dodgers/Red Sox World series. When Victorino went yard McCarver actually said "What a disastrous home run." For you maybe, Tim.

Here's to the Phlyin' Hawaiin...
[Image: cd692fe5-c7bf-4a3d-a635-44e0f196b5b2.jpg]

Playoff Baseball - Hooch - 10-15-2008

Gotta love the lottery system:

CONGRATULATIONS! You have been selected for the opportunity to purchase tickets to a potential 2008 World Series game scheduled to be played at Citizens Bank Park.

Playoff Baseball - Prog - 10-15-2008

However you get them, it's worth it. That's the one championship I've been able to attend in person.

Playoff Baseball - Hooch - 10-15-2008

Prog Wrote:However you get them, it's worth it. That's the one championship I've been able to attend in person.

Which one were you at?

The secondary market for tickets isn't bad at all right now. Tickets aren't re-selling for much over face value around here. Another result of the current state of the economy.

Playoff Baseball - Prog - 10-15-2008

I got to go to Indians - Braves in '95 when I was living in Atlanta. My wife won a drawing for her company's seats.

Sure as hell ain't going to any Rangers World Series games anytime soon.

Playoff Baseball - Prog - 10-15-2008

BOSTON -- The Boston Red Sox's season isn't quite up in flames -- but a small fire at one of the most visible landmarks near Fenway Park can't be a good omen.

The fire Wednesday blackened some of the panels on the red, white and blue Citgo sign visible over Fenway's Green Monster, its left field wall.

Fire department spokesman Steve MacDonald said flames were visible when firefighters got there, but the fire was quickly put out.

MacDonald said the blaze was likely caused by an electrical short circuit and estimated the damage at about $5,000.

The Green Monster has seen several balls soar over it in recent days. Boston trails Tampa 3-1 in the best-of-seven American League Championship Series.

Playoff Baseball - Gator - 10-17-2008

Let's hold that thought for just a little bit. If anyone can come back and still win this series, it's the Sox.