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The Rescue Me Thread *SPOILERS* - Speng - 06-24-2011

The final season's premiere: 07/13/2011.

I saw a commercial last night, it looks like it's going to be good.

The Rescue Me Thread *SPOILERS* - Securb - 06-24-2011

I heard they had to rewrite a lot of stuff because of the capture of Bin Laden.

The Rescue Me Thread *SPOILERS* - Speng - 06-24-2011

Where'd you hear that? I thought they finished filming a long time ago.

The Rescue Me Thread *SPOILERS* - Speng - 07-13-2011

Just a reminder, this is on tonight!

The Rescue Me Thread *SPOILERS* - Speng - 07-13-2011

[Image: rescuemea.jpg]


Spoiler/Episode description below:

The seventh (and final) season begins with Tommy's family life being shaken up by Sheila and the pregnant Janet, who are now best friends. ("We bonded," Sheila says.) Meanwhile, Black Shawn wants to take his relationship with Colleen to the next level; Mickey and Teddy go into business together; and Damien is still in a chair in the wake of his on-the-job accident.

The Rescue Me Thread *SPOILERS* - Securb - 07-14-2011

I liked last night classic Rescue Me. I did pick up on the for-shadowing "any semblance of a normal family for us was left in a hole at ground zero".

20 bucks says Janet's baby comes out looking like Franko

The Rescue Me Thread *SPOILERS* - Securb - 08-11-2011

Gayest show ever last night

The Rescue Me Thread *SPOILERS* - Gator - 08-11-2011

So far I have only watched the first episode on Demand. I am not impressed. It better get better. I'll stick with it out of a demented loyalty that I have to the show, and that I've been watching it for so long already, but I just hope it improves.

The Rescue Me Thread *SPOILERS* - Speng - 08-11-2011

Four episodes left, I'll be glad when it's done. The show comes to a screeching halt whenever it's about Tommy's family. That was interesting the first few seasons, but now it's the same boring shit.

The Rescue Me Thread *SPOILERS* - Speng - 09-07-2011

Series finale tonight, I can't wait to see how it all ends. I'm sad it's ending but it's been pretty bad the last few seasons.