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RE: Moron of the week - Dr. Vegetable - 10-28-2015

[Image: 151027-harris-faulkner-hasbro-suit_ebfad...0-1000.jpg]

Hasbro: Our Toy Hamster Is Not 'Real-Life' Fox Anchor

Sounds legit...

RE: Moron of the week - idsnowdog - 10-28-2015

She used to work for KSTP here in the twin cities. I would like to float her ovaries.

RE: Moron of the week - Dr. Vegetable - 02-16-2016

Burst water pipe issues plagued Boston-area residents and businesses over the past few days as temperatures dipped to dangerous levels. 
In Roxbury, Lisa Jones said her homes' pipes froze. Jones said she called her landlord and the landlord asked whether she had heaters to run near the pipes.

Jones said she refused to use heaters near her pipes and that the pipes later burst.  Frozen water leaked into Jones' basement.
Jones said she had to take her kids to a hotel to let them bathe. Jones said she had to skip work on Monday as well. 

Building Commissioner William Christopher said inspectors would issue several citations to Jones' landlord.

"It's questionable whether people can stay in this house or not," Christopher said.
Overall, Boston officials received more than 150 pipe-related calls over the weekend. In 50 of the cases, the city sent inspectors to enforce regulations in buildings where landlords had refused to fix pipe issues. 
In Peabody, several patients had to be moved from Kindred Hospital after a water leak. In Hanover, a water main break impacted traffic. 

It may technically be the landlord's responsibility to fix the plumbing, but I will shed no tears for this moron.  She knew the pipes were going to freeze and refused to do anything about it.  If this was my property, I would sue her for negligence after I finished evicting her sorry ass.

RE: Moron of the week - LesStrat - 02-16-2016

She could have at least wrapped exposed pipes with towels, rage, etc.

RE: Moron of the week - Dr. Vegetable - 04-02-2016

Quote:Jarring videos showing the moments when an Albuquerque police officer was shot several times by his own lieutenant during an undercover operation were released Thursday, following the settlement of a lawsuit that awarded the wounded officer $6.5 million.
"I didn't know it was you!" says Albuquerque Police Department Lt. Greg Brachle moments after putting at least eight bullets into APD Officer Jacob Grant in January 2015.
Video from Brachle's lapel shows him running up to a vehicle that Grant was sitting in with suspects and yelling "gun," then promptly firing his weapon.
"Oh s---, that was Jacob! F--- me!" Brachle is heard saying. "Are you OK?" Brachle asks Grant. "No," Grant answers.

Never mind that the officer missed the morning briefing.  Never mind that the guy he pumped 8 bullets into happened to be an undercover cop.  You do not Serve and Protect the public by running around shooting at criminal suspects before you know what the fuck is going down.

All lives matter, not just cops.

RE: Moron of the week - LesStrat - 04-03-2016


He didn't recognize his own undercover officer?


RE: Moron of the week - lreese - 04-03-2016

Maybe they were both under the covers... In the dark...

How romantic! :p

RE: Moron of the week - Dr. Vegetable - 04-03-2016

(04-03-2016, 11:32 AM)LesStrat Wrote: doh

He didn't recognize his own undercover officer?


The identity of the suspects has no bearing on whether the officer's conduct was correct.  "I didn't know it was you" lays bare the attitude too common with law enforcement - that shooting a police officer is somehow worse than shooting a civilian.  Cops seem to go into these situations thinking that it's OK to kill the bad guy and they forget that it is not their job to dispense justice.

They should always realize that discharging their weapon will change somebody's life forever, and definitely their own.

RE: Moron of the week - GoldenVulture - 04-04-2016

[Image: ef52d2013698e24ae733d60d267d482a]
Quote:Mum blasts son for ‘meninist’ meme post on Facebook
- -

Ha! What a stupid bitch. Old

RE: Moron of the week - lreese - 04-04-2016

I already know one thing:

Mum's too fat!