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Moron of the week - 3dR3 - 04-17-2009

that story needs a dead hooker or something in the punch line

it's not that funny :lol:

Moron of the week - Securb - 04-19-2009

There is a serial murderer in Boston that is finding his victims in the escorts section of Craig's List. So what do these morons do......all 50 of them.....

WORCESTER — No men busted in a prostitution sting over the weekend where undercover police officers posted a Craigslist advertisement offering sex for cash matched the description of a man described as a “person of interest” in the fatal shooting of a New York woman Tuesday inside a Boston hotel.

Headed by the Vice Squad, police arrested 50 people starting Thursday night and into Saturday morning mostly for prostitution charges. The sting included one separate arrest for drug possession.

Police Captain Paul B. Saucier, head of the Vice Squad, said police targeted men looking to meet women for sex through Craigslist postings and also women peddling their body for cash over the Website.

The prostitution sting included a sweep of the Main South area of the city.

There were 20 people arrested in the Craigslist sting, where police set up at a city hotel and either arrested women there to meet a man or men who responded to the undercover officer’s post.

Capt. Saucier declined to say which hotel police set up the sting, stating the hotel cooperated with police in the investigation.

Worcester police set up this sting about a week ago before a New York City woman who advertised masseuse services on Craigslist was killed inside the Marriot Copley Place in Boston Tuesday night. Authorities believe there may be a connection to the robbery of women inside the Westin Copley Place and a Warwick, R.I., hotel. Both women were bound in those robberies.

Police released surveillance of man leaving Marriott Copley Place and the Westin Copley Place.

“None of the johns arrested appeared to match the man on video and photos,” Capt. Saucier said.

Police Chief Gary J. Gemme said the information of the men arrested will be passed on to Rhode Island and Boston investigators.

“It was just a coincidence we planned this initiative coming off the heels of that violence,” Chief Gemme said. “It is just another example of why we need to stay focused on quality of life issues and violence.”

He continued, “There’s always a concern when you look at what happened in Boston and Providence. That certainly could have happened in Worcester.”

Moron of the week - 3dR3 - 04-20-2009

no man can be held accountable when his balls are full and his head empty.....

Moron of the week - Speng - 05-06-2009

Birdbrain! Smuggler held at airport with 12 rare songbirds strapped to his socks

When customs officials at Los Angeles International Airport spotted feathers and bird droppings on one passenger's shoes they were immediately suspicious.

And when the man's name was checked against records, they noticed America's Fish and Wildlife department had put out a warning about Sony Dong.

Three months earlier, he had abandoned a suitcase containing 18 rare songbirds at the same airport.

But officials were still surprised when they searched him again and discovered a dozen tiny birds strapped to his socks.

'He had fashioned these special cloth devices to hold the birds,' said U.S. attorney spokesman Thom Mrozek. 'They were secured by cloth wrappings and attached to his calves with buttons.'

The songbirds sell for $10 to $30 in Vietnam and are sold to collectors in the United States for about $400, Mrozek said.

'They're rare and there are collectors who are willing to pay top dollar for these things,' he said.

Smuggling birds is not uncommon.In February of this year an Australian traveller was caught at Melbourne airport with live pigeons down his trousers.

After Dong's abortive attempt in December of last year he returned to Vietnam in February to pick up more birds.

He returned a month later with three red-whiskered bul-buls, four magpie robins and six shama thrush under his pants, prosecutors said.

The birds are now in quarantine and could be donated to a zoo if they are healthy.

Fish and Wildlife officials said the bul-buls are listed as an injurious species, which means they pose a threat to people, native wildlife or the ecosystem.

'With anything coming from Southeast Asia, the big concern is the possibility that the birds are infected by avian flu,' Mrozek said.

Authorities later linked Dong's scheme to another man named Duc Le, who was arrested after investigators searched his Orange County, California home and found 51 songbirds in an outdoor aviary.

Both are charged with conspiracy in an eight-count federal indictment.

Le and Dong have been released on bail. Messages left with their public defenders were not returned last night.

[Image: article-1177819-04D2C8E2000005DC-544_634x687.jpg]

Moron of the week - Securb - 05-07-2009

I have those same socks

Moron of the week - Hooch - 05-07-2009

eight counts of a federal crime? those dudes are going away for life for bird-smuggling.

Moron of the week - 3dR3 - 05-07-2009

his name is Dong :lol:

Moron of the week - Speng - 05-07-2009

You guys might read about me tomorrow:

Man Drives to Fox Affiliate, Punches Anchor in Twat

I turned on the tv this morning to get the news and the Fox affiliate had nothing but American Idol bullshit. Friday is "Danny Gokey Day" and he's in some parade, doing a concert and throwing out the first pitch at the Brewers game. Fuck, he didn't bring peace to the Mid East, he's just some douchebag who can sing. Boy, I hope they manage to find the most annoying fuckers around to film, maybe some asshole wearing a cheesehead.

Why am I going to punch some broad in the twat instead of some other anchor? Well, this chick is just asking for it...she bugs me.

Moron of the week - 3dR3 - 05-08-2009

can you put a face to this twat?

i want to rate her on twat punchability

Moron of the week - Speng - 05-08-2009

[Image: 44530579.jpg]