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The Badass Thread - Securb - 04-04-2011

My nominee for the first post: When the tsunami came, everyone ran to the hills. But Sugawara ran to his boat and steered it into deeper waters. "I knew if I didn't save my boat, my island would be isolated and in trouble," he tells CNN.

As he passed his other boats, used for fishing abalone, he said goodbye to them, apologizing that he could not save them all.

Then the first wave came. Sugawara says he is used to seeing waves up to 5 meters high but this was four-times that size.

"My feeling at this moment is indescribable," he says with glistening eyes. "I talked to my boat and said you've been with me 42 years. If we live or die, then we'll be together, then I pushed on full throttle."

"Here was my boat and here was the wave," he says, holding one hand low and the other stretched high above his head. "I climbed the wave like a mountain. When I thought I had got to the top, the wave got even bigger."

Sugawara's arms flail wildly as he describes the top of the wave crashing down repeatedly onto his boat. "I closed my eyes and felt dizzy. When I opened them, I could see the horizon again, so I knew I'd made it."

The Badass Thread - 3daddict - 04-04-2011

[Image: 1276798322_drinking-a-jug-in4-secs.gif]

The Badass Thread - Securb - 04-10-2011

A cell phone video showing a police officer spraying a baby squirrel with pepper spray has sparked outrage after it was recently posted on YouTube.

The video was recorded by a student at Kimbrough Middle School in Mesquite, Texas, according to Fox 5 New York. In it, students are heard pleading for the officer to stop, shouting things like "Don't spray him!"

After a rally of cries as the officer uses the pepper spray on the squirrel, the animal is seen writhing around on the ground.


The Badass Thread - Speng - 04-10-2011

Why the Hell would he spray a baby squirrel? What an asshole.